Lidocain 10% Spray

Lidocain 10% spray can prevent the pain when tattoo-ing / dermarolling / laser treatment / injection.

I'm going to tell you my personal experience about using Lidocain 10% spray when dermarolling my face. Steps :
1) Spray Lidocain onto my finger (Cannot direct spray to face because will careless spray into eyes).
2) Use my finger to rub Lidocain on my face skin around 30 seconds.
3) Wait for another 30 seconds let Lidocain numb my skin completely.
4) Start dermarolling my face skin.
5) My skin will be numb for around 20 minutes. So I can keep dermarolling without feeling any pain within the 20 minutes. Actually I can still feel 10% pain, Lidocain help me kill off 90% pain, 90% is a lot!!! I can see my skin keep bleeding when I am dermarolling but I feel 10% pain only. You can see my skin was bleeding when I was dermarolling from picture below :

6) After finish rolling the my whole face, use water to wash away the blood and lidocaine on my skin.
7) Apply Vitamin E cream / Vitamin A cream / Revitol Cream / Hidrating mask / Collagen mask / Moisturiser gel on my skin.

Comparison between Lidocain 10% spray and other brand of numbing cream :
other brand of numbing cream like Emla :
- It is very waste because you need to apply a thick layer of cream onto your skin.
- Need to buy plastic bag to wrap the skin for 15 minutes. More info at here.

Lidocain 10% Spray :
- Spray 1 time enough, if you still feel the pain, spray 2nd time.
- Don't need to wrap the skin with plastic bag, you just need to use your finger to rub the skin for 10 to 30 seconds and wait for another 30 seconds.

Product : Lidocain 10% Spray (38g per bottle). All items are new set.
Price : RM98 per bottle.

Postage fee :
West Malaysia = RM5
Sabah / Sarawak = RM10
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Delivery :
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