Dermagist Dermajuv Clarifying System for Acne-prone Skin

Clarifying System for Acne-prone Skin
Rapidly soothes and diminishes the look of Blemishes and Redness with Resveratrol, Glycolic Acid, Niacinamide, Aloe and Chamomile.

It targets the causes of acne-prone skin, but without the possible side effects of many common solutions. Plus, Resveratrol is a world renowned anti oxidant with tremendous age-defying benefits. So, the Dermagist Clarifying system targets the causes of acne-prone skin, calms and soothes the skin, PLUS has tremendous age defying benefits. Quite a one-two punch.

The Science :
Resveratrol, Glycolic Acid, Niacinamide, Stay-C, Aloe, Chamomile, Shea Butter and more!

First, Lets Break down how the ingredients target blemishes :
The primary ingredient that the Dermagist Acne Clarifying System uses is Resveratrol. In an amazing breakthrough, an Oxford study indicated that Resveratrol could provide a better environment for targeting blemishes than a commonly used ingredient.

The big bonus is that you get all the blemish fighting benefits of previous solutions, but AVOID all their common potential side effects, like increasing the appearance of redness and that "bruised" look on the skin that often appears after a blemish.

How else does the Dermagist Clarifying System target blemishes?
Glycolic acid gently exfoliates the skin which brightens the complexion and reduces dead layers. It is gentle, natural, and very beneficial.

Tangerine oil is another ingredient infused into this wonderful formula that reduces dirt and oil and aids with exfoliation.

Niacinimide and Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate are also in this formula. These are natural ingredients that quickly kick into effect, lessening blemishes and benefiting future ones.

Now lets discuss the other BIG complaint that people with acne-prone skin often make - Redness and Irritation :
Calming and soothing acne-prone skin is just as important as preventing future blemishes. Most solutions focus only on removing dirt and oil, leaving the user to endure the continued discomfort of red, unsightly skin that looks bad and can be painful. The Dermagist Clarifying System uses serious scientific ingredients to help your skin look better, faster.

Resveratrol, which targets dirt and oil, is also a TREMENDOUS antioxidant and calming agent of the skin. So, your skin is already one step ahead as far as redness and discoloration, simply from the use of this ingredient.

Addtionally, Chamomile, Aloe Vera and Shea butter envelope the skin with their calming and soothing properties. These ingredients were carefully selected because they are capable of speeding the recovery of the skin, and calming down the redness of blemishes. MOST IMPORTANTLY, they accomplish this without clogging pores, or adding oil to the skin. This means that the soothing aspect of the clarifying system does nothing to "Counteract" any of the benefits of the other blemish fighting ingredients.

Below are two TRUE SUCCESS stories you MUST READ!
Real User Story: Ling N. from New York, NY. Hello Dermagist. I have taken a moment to write you a word of thanks and to tell you how grateful I am for your product. I used the Acne Clarifying System which I was recommended by an esthetician that I go to here in my city. I have had, for as long as I can remember, some very noticeable blemishes on my cheeks and chin. It was visible all the time, and it was always a red-purple color, that almost looked like a bruise. I had tried several products like Proactiv and Clearpores. They made my skin flaky and actually made the blemishes more red than they were before I used them. The very first morning that I awoke after using your clarifying system, I could see a difference. My frustration transformed instantly into hope and excitement. I could feel a sensation of thankfulness and joy that I haven't known for many years, because of my constant shame. I knew I was on the way to finally being free of my mortal enemy.. my bad skin! I have just finished the system, and will be getting more today. I just wanted to tell you how well it worked for me, and that my bad skin is just a memory now, and so is the shame that used to define me. I attach two pictures for you to see the proof! Thank you for writing a better chapter to my life.

Real Patient Story who used the Acne Treatment:
Joshua L. from Anaheim, CA.
Dear Dermagist Customer Support.
My name is Josh and I'm 23 years old. I suffered from really bad acne on my entire face and neck since I was about 15. My entire existence in high school was miserable. I was made fun of, called names, and my confidence level was as low as you can imagine. I thought that by the time I hit my 20's that the acne would go away, but it didn't.

I thought that it was bad to have acne in high school, but I found out that it is even WORSE to have it as an adult. The experience is so much more lonely. I had used various benzoyl peroxide treatments and they literally did NOTHING to get my skin to look better. I wouldn't even have cared if the pimples were still there, if they could have been less noticable. I was just so sick and tired of being stared at, I would have done anything to look like everyone else. I really had reached the end of my rope with trying new products, and I was contemplating taking serious medication with really scary side effects. Thank goodness I found you before I risked my health.

The Dermagist Acne Treatment System was pretty easy to use, since it's only 2 steps, instead of the 3, 4, or 5 steps that I had to deal with in other acne treatments. The first thing I noticed was that the overall redness of my face was lessened almost overnight. It was a shock, let me tell you. I still had pimples, but they were much less noticable becuase they weren't all red and painful looking. It took about 2 weeks to get the pimples totally under control, but WOW am I glad I stuck with it. I know my case of acne is stronger than average, so I didnt expect them to be 100% gone, but I know that if I'm this happy after only a month, that after another treatment I'll be twice as thrilled.

Here are some pics of my forehead that I took to see if I had gotten any results. I hope you can use them and that they help convince someone else to try your product. You are really onto something there!

Product : Dermagist / Dermajuv Ultimate Clarifying System. All Items are new set, and original imported from USA.

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