Dermajuv / Dermagist Eye Revolution Gel

Eye Revolution Gel :
Dramatically reduce the look of dark circles and puffy bags. Plus, help improve the appearance of wrinkles with this exciting product for the eye area.

Why is this eye gel so special?
You have more amazing ingredients focused on dark circles, under-eye bags and wrinkles, than ANY other eye cream ever. Plus, they are combined in a precise manner designed to optimize their ability to help the look of the symptoms it targets. Simply put, it is a more aggressive eye product than has been seen on the market previously.
People unhappy with their eye area, are always focused on improving the look of 3 MAJOR FACTORS. The SAME ones this product aims to improve:

1. Dark Circles Under and Around the Eye - The dark circles underneath the eye, or that darkened pigmentation that makes you look tired and years older, is the first thing that the Eye Revolution Gel targets. Specialized ingredients focus on improving that darkened look, and giving the eye area a light, fresh complexion. The blood particles that accumulate under the skin is what causes that "dark circle" that is so dreaded. The formulation in the Eye Revolution Gel is intended to help the particles dissipate, and thus, provide benefit to the area, in terms of darkness and discoloration.

2. Puffy Under Eye Bags, and Overall Puffiness - Probably the second most hated situation around the eye area is the puffiness that builds under and around the eye. Simply adding moisture or firming the skin is NOT enough to give any benefit to the puffiness. Instead, it takes precision engineered ingredients, which were formulated to target the puffiness specifically. The Eye Revolution Gel contains such ingredients, and aims to help the look of puffiness or "bags" under the eye. This aspect of this product is one of the main factors why it has become a top selling "eye-area-focused" product.

3. Wrinkles Above, Below, and Next to the eye - The repetitive motions of the eye area from smiling, winking, etc. cause this area to be one of the most wrinkled zones on the body. Crows feet and the other common eye wrinkles are targeted by this product, with specially formulated ingredients. Ingredients that aim to increase the skin's ability to maintain elasticity and improve smoothness. Users agree, that the product is quite successful in doing so.

Real User Story:
Kate B. from Manhattan, KS.
Dear Dermagist. I first wanted to thank you for including me in the initial trial distributions of the new eye gel. As a customer of yours already, I really appreciated the opportunity to give my feedback on a new product.

What I would like to say is this, "Just look at my picture!!". I had used your products on my wrinkles around my frown lines, etc. They worked great, but the bags under my eyes had been haunting me since as early as high school. How embarrassing, right, an 18 year old with bags under her eyes. Anyway, the point is that I've been suffering from bags under my eyes for years, and it had nothing to do with my age. I really thought I was just doomed to suffer from baggy eyes for the rest of my life.

Well, the Eye Revolution Gel changed all that. It took about 3 weeks to really see the difference. At first I noticed the color of my bags starting to lighten from that "weird blue" color they were, to a more natural skin tone. That was the beginning. Then, they started to loosen up, as if the liquid in them was literally leaking out each day. By the end of the bottle I saw a pretty good reduction in both the color of my bags, and especially in the size of them. As you know, I bought another two bottle supply, and will continue to use it.

In response to you guys asking for my feedback, I just HAD to write in, and let you know what a powerful impact this Eye Gel had on my self image, and how thrilled I was at the speed it worked. Thanks, and PLEASE include me on any new product releases. If you have a cream that will get me a raise at work, let me know (joking).

Real User Story:
Betsy T. from Danbury, CT.
Wow, how exciting to be an official user of the eye gel before it's released to the market. Thanks for the free sample. I used it, and am sharing what happened... which was GREAT, by the way.

I had been using your age defying serum before, for wrinkles and age spots, and it did a good job. Actually, a very good job, as you know from all the orders I have placed. However, I was still suffering from a "darkness" around my eyes. You can see it in my picture.

At around the second week of using it, I noticed that the darkness in the "corner of my eye" started to reduce. Then, in the following week, the entire discolored area under my eye appeared to lighten. I had tried "bleaches" before, but they really did nothing. Since your cream didn't claim to bleach the skin, but to help with the CAUSE of the dark circles, I was really excited, and I knew that I wasn't doing any damage to my skin. This stuff is just great, and I really feel you hit a home run with this eye gel. Now, i'm on week 6 and i'm really cruising right along happily.

I think I'm your "super customer". I use the other product I have always been ordering, but now I get the eye gel too. You guys are fantastic, and I can't thank you enough for including me in the pre-release of your product. I am so happy it's now available to all the public. What a true success. Congratulations on a fantastic formula! - Betsy

Product : Dermagist / Dermajuv Eye Revolution Gel. All Items are new set, and original imported from USA.

Price :
RM205 per bottle.

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All other international countries = USD6
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