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Your "pocket" secret
Achieve your desire body shape
Svelte17 the miracle organic jelly detox
-prevent constipation
-heat release
-improve body immune system
-prevent cell degeneration

An in-fashion delicious jelly is ready to serve you

The special of svelte17 :
- Easy consume
- Easy take
- Rich in vitamin
- Prevent constipation
- Increase immune system
- Delicious
- Slimming
- Cure bad breath

Svelte17 ingredients :
purified water, HFCS ( high fructose corn syrup ), jelly powder, momordica grosvenori concentrate, trehalose, potassium sorbate, aspartame, flavoring.

1.)Momordica grosvenori (Luo Han Guo)
In southern China, luo han guo is popularly considered a longevity aid and is used to balance heat buildup caused by internal conditions, life-forces, or external heat. It is used as an expectorant and antitussive to treat lung congestion, cough, other respiratory ailments, and sore throat. It also is used for constipation and chronic enteritis. Luo han guo is a low-caloric, low-glycemic food (suitable for diabetes and obesity ) used as a sweetener in beverages and cooked food.

is a natural disaccharide sugar contained in mushrooms and many other organisms. It has remarkable health-producing and life-extending properties that work in mice and lower organisms. Trehalose is a sources of energy for human body. It has a miracle function to maintain body moisture , storing fluid for our skin beauty such as anti-aging , pigmentation, Ance , wrinkle.

You know the place on above picture? It is desert. The season is always hot lack of water, but the plant there won't die until the rain come. This is because the plant there contain this trehalose. So we get this trehalose from the plant. Add it into our svelte17. This can help in anti aging, store fluid, prevent pigmentation, whitening. And it also prevent uv Ray damage to our DNA. This trehalose can help in protect our amino acid(蛋白质). Human need amino acid to survive, to be strong, to gain energy, to keep hair grow n shining, to keep nail hard, to keep skin nice.

Is super famous in Korea , Japan skin care because it can store fluid as reborn. You google search it :

3.)Green plum
- Digestion:Eating green plums increases the fiber intake in the body and helps in good digestion. One should eat green plums daily during the summer season for proper bowels.

-Avoid constipation:Since green plums are rich in vitamin C and digestible fiber, it helps the stomach keep away from constipation and flatulence.

-Build immune system: Regular consumption of green plums in the summers would help build immune system naturally. This keeps the body fit and away from many health problems too.

-Dental care: Eating green plums regularly would help keep the gums healthy resulting in strong and healthy teeth. One also remains away from the tooth aches, gums bleeding and bad odor after consuming the raw plums.

-Prevent anemia: Green plums aids iron absorption in the body resulting in ation of blood in the body. Moreover, the diseases related to lack of red blood cells like anemia are prevented due to the rich content of vitamin C in the plums.

-Body toning:Vitamin C helps in connective tissues in the human body. This keeps the body toned looking younger, healthier and fit.

-Weight loss: Excess fats in the body are cut down due to the high content of vitamin C in the green plums. Eating more green plums in the salad would help reduce the belly fat and would benefit in the weight loss too.

-Prevent damage: Since green plums are antioxidants, they prevent internal damage to the fats in the brain and blood stream. The cells of the body remain protected keeping one healthier and young.

-Lung care: Those who eat more green plums remain away from lungs problems like asthma, lungs cancer, cold, cough and chronic lungs problems.

-Prevent degeneration:The age related problems like muscular degeneration where the old people may tend to lose the eyesight can be prevented by consuming green plums regularly.

Green plum is number 1 in Japan, because it can prevent cancer cell grow , and kill cancer cell for first trimester, and also it can help in detoxic blood, organs, and food. In Japan when people take wrong food and diarrhea , they will give them eat green plum to clear n wash the poison out. Green plum can also help to prevent kidney stone because it contain the moist higher citric acid among all the fruit. When calcium mix with citric acid it will melt .. So it won't become a stone. Although green plum is sour but after disgest. It is alkaline ph. So it can help our body blood alkaline. Body acidosis is very high dangerous because our rice, meat, fish all is acid. When body acid , hypertension, diabetes, heart attack, skin problem all will occur. Green plum, strawberry, vegetable is consider as alkaline food , it can help us in blood ph level to help us prevent disease.That's why we add on green plum.

Our ingredient very good. Can beauty, slim, and prevent cancer.

Intructions :
Eat 1 jelly 30 minute before meal for better result. Can help reducing the food absorbtion so can get slimming effect.

For healthy purpose, everyday take 1 piece is enough. And take extra piece when u need to detox such as when eating too oily food. Maximum only can take 4 pieces of svelte17 jelly per day.

For slimming body purpose, some people is super fat but have hypertension so they cannot take slimming pill, but they wish to slim, so they take svelte17 jelly everytime before meals. Maximum only can take 4 pieces of svelte17 jelly per day.

After u eat it, 5 to 8 hours later u will always want to go toilet poo, so if u need to work at daytime and not convenience to go toilet poo when working time, so it is better don't eat it at morning, better eat it at 1p.m lunch time, so later 6pm or 7pm will start go toilet poo. If you can go toilet poo during working time, then u can eat Svelte17 jelly in the morning.

If you every morning eat slimming pill, then u should eat svelte17 jelly at night, it is because the morning slimming pill will make your body stop absorb all food for 8 hours, so it is a waste if u take svelte 17 within the 8 hours after u take the morning slimming pill.

After eat Svelte17 jelly, you can eat anything u want, but the more oil food u eat, u will need to go toilet poo for more time, because svelte17 detox your body release out oil from your body.

Cautions :
Pregnent and breatfeeding women cannot take Svelte 17. After stop breatfeeding only can start taking Svelte 17.

Video above show the box of Svelte 17 is useful, don't throw it away.

For those who always eat junk food, please take a Svelte 17 Jelly to detox clean your body. It is for healthy + slim body + beauty skin.

Product :
Svelte 17

Price :
1box (8 pieces) - RM69
2boxes - RM125
4boxes - RM230

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